ASPIRE History - 2014

A night in the forest

A travelling circus sets up for its grand opening in the forest. The Ringmaster is faced with dilemmas when his stage crew expresses a desire to become clowns and his star performers are in the midst of a messy love triangle. The Ringmaster sends the clowns and lovers into the forest to consider their options.

However, in the forest, all is not well. Oberon, King of the Elves and Titania, Queen of the Fairies, are arguing. Chaos is set in motion when Oberon uses a magic flower casting a love spell onto Titania, whilst Puck mistakenly casts the same spell on Lysander. Nearby the stage crew rehearses the funniest Romeo and Juliet you’ll ever see.

Mischievous elves play with more magic and turn one of the stage crew into Bobby Bottom, a donkey, with whom Titania promptly falls in love. Our lovers, under the magic flower’s spell, fall in and out of love, and fight, before all’s well that ends well. Characters return to their normal state and partners and are now ready to watch the premier performance of Romeo and Juliet… the Comedy.

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