Parent Information

Student and parent contract conditions of enrolment 2023


Students are required to attend every weekly rehearsal/workshop and are expected to be punctual, a roll will be taken each week.  If students are unable to attend due to illness or for some other reason, the Diocesan Support Person should be notified as soon as possible.  Non-attendance at more than three (3) consecutive rehearsals/workshop sessions without adequate reason may jeopardise a student’s place in the program.

In preparation for the Performance Showcase, students must attend all extra rehearsals, the dress rehearsal and the performances themselves.  Performing in ensembles is a team effort, where each performer relies on every other performer to ensure success.  It is vital therefore that commitment to the program is given.  The dates and times of weekly rehearsal will be published under separate issue.  For older students, part-time work commitments should be taken into account before committing to the program.  The weekend rehearsals will be kept to a minimum, but once scheduled, ALL students are expected to attend all rehearsals for the full allocated time.

Production week attendance is not negotiable.  All students are required to make ASPIRE the number one priority.  Competing school events such as debating, public speaking and competition participation cannot interrupt the commitment to Production Week.

Payment of the program fee 

A once-only fee of $300 is payable to the Catholic Schools Office (for 2020).  This fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the first session.  Once this fee is paid students will receive their ASPIRE t-shirt and ASPIRE package.  This fee is non-refundable.  All other costs associated with tuition and venue hire etc. will be borne by the Catholic Schools Office.  Incidental costs may be incurred but these will be kept to a minimum.  Parents may be requested to provide some aspects of simple costuming.  Students must provide their own musical instruments and their own dance shoes.   Please note that the program itself is a very costly exercise.  Students in the program receive expert tuition for a negligible cost.


Students in the ASPIRE program will be covered under the Catholic Church Insurance Policy in the same way as they are for other school related activities.

The performance showcase

The ASPIRE program will culminate in a performance showcase which will see the five ensembles coming together in an integrated performance.  It is important to note that although there are discrete ensembles, all students may be required to learn and perform some simple choreography, dramatic techniques and/or participate in singing a full production number.  Some students will be selected by the Artistic Director and Ensemble Director for solo parts as part of this performance.  All students are expected to participate fully in the rehearsals leading up to this performance by making themselves available for ALL extra rehearsals and ALL performances.  Non-attendance at these rehearsals may see your child excluded from parts of the production.  Production week attendance is required for all students.  It is imperative that this is an absolute priority.  If this cannot be met, please do not accept a position in the program.


In order to gain full benefit from the tuition provided, students will be expected to practise their work/routines between sessions.

Photography, film and art media 

Students in the ASPIRE program may be photographed or filmed from time to time for publishing or promotional purposes.  If you do not wish your child’s image to be used for media or publicity purposes please inform the Catholic Schools Office in writing.

Student behaviour

As a member of the ASPIRE program all students are required to behave in a cooperative, respectful and positive manner.  Students whose behaviour is of concern will be approached in the initial instance by either the Diocesan Support Personnel or the Ensemble Director.  If behaviour continues to be problematic, parents will be informed.  Music, dance and drama are team activities, and therefore rely on patience, good manners and a shared approach in order for the group to achieve success.  It is the responsibility of every ensemble member to work towards this success.  Serious concerns regarding behaviour will be referred to the ASPIRE Committee.   The expectations of students regarding behaviour are the same as those required at school.  Participation in the program is regarded as a privilege.  Many students audition for inclusion and many students also miss out.  Therefore, we expect the highest standard of behaviour and manners from all involved with ASPIRE.

Re-enrolment in the ASPIRE program

Students wishing to continue their involvement in the program will need to re-apply through the usual audition process.  Re-enrolment is not automatic.

Resources, music and books

All resources (including music scores, props, CDs and the like) remain the property of ASPIRE.  Loss, damage or theft of resources by students will incur a replacement fee.  Any resources issued must be returned by the due date.

Withdrawing from the program 

Parents wishing to withdraw their child from the program must do so in writing to the Artistic Director.  At least four (4) weeks notice must be provided.


Student and parent feedback will be actively sought at defined periods during and after the program.  The feedback we receive forms an integral part of our future decision-making processes.

Instrumental ensembles (stage band and strings)

In general, students in the Instrumental Ensembles will need to provide their own instrument.  This instrument must be in good working order and should be regularly maintained.  ASPIRE does not take any responsibility for loss, damage or theft of instruments whilst travelling to and from ASPIRE-related activities or during ASPIRE workshops, rehearsals or performances.  Students must bring their instrument and music to every rehearsal or workshop.

Concerns, complaints and grievances

In the interests of generating a peaceful, respectful and productive environment it is acknowledged that disagreements will occur from time to time.  It is important that all parties will be afforded procedural fairness.

In the first instance, complaints, concerns or grievances should be directed to either the Diocesan Support Personnel or relevant Ensemble Director so that initial handling can be dealt with as close to the problem as possible.

If the complaint or concern requires further intervention or investigation, the matter should be referred to the ASPIRE Committee, through the Catholic Schools Office.  The Diocesan Complaints Management Policy will be followed. 

Fundraising and sponsorship grants 

From time to time the ASPIRE committee may engage in fundraising activities to assist in building resources for the benefit of the students participating in the program.  Parents may be asked to assist in this fundraising. 

The ASPIRE committee may seek sponsorship from various bodies or business houses in addition to making application for Government and/or community grants to assist in the program.

Parental assistance

Parents may be invited to provide assistance and to help with various aspects of the program.  This assistance may include making props, sets, costumes, helping with make-up and backstage management and general supervision.  Requests for help will be notified through your child.


The Artistic Director will communicate regularly with parents to provide important information regarding rehearsal schedules, requests for assistance as well as providing updates on the progress of the production.

Additional information is also available on the ASPIRE website:

Please make sure to read all communication carefully so that you are well informed.

The ASPIRE Intern produces a fortnightly blog for student and parent interest.  There will also be a fortnightly newsletter issued to all students and parents.