ASPIRE in Schools

What is ASPIRE in schools?

It is bringing performing arts experiences into the classroom and using them to assist wider learning and development of both students and teachers.

There is a number of options available for schools wishing to utilise the ASPIRE IN SCHOOLS program, but the best idea is to get in touch and begin a conversation with Anna about how ASPIRE can best help your teachers and students. Each school is different and may require a slightly different model.

  • ASPIRE Workshops – A session that introduces students to a specific area of the performing arts. It is a good idea to link these workshops to current topics of study in the classroom
  • ASPIRE Artist in Residence – Anna can create a performance piece with a class or even your whole school. The performance will use drama devising and script writing and could include some simple songs, and possibly even an original composition by the students. Anna will book in 3 dates with your school, the first to spend devising, the second to assist teachers with staging and the third to help in polishing your performance. The performance theme can be anything; it could be something being studied in class, or a theme that can connect the whole school. The sky’s the limit!
  • ASPIRE Production Assistance – ASPIRE can provide teachers with assistance and advice in producing their school productions and assemblies. If you’re struggling with a song and dance number for your school show or want some creative input into your assembly, ASPIRE is here to help.
  • ASPIRE extra expertise – ASPIRE can assist you in finding additional expertise in dance, music or a specialised area of the performing arts. Fees for the specialist to be paid by the school.


Email or call 02 4979 1220.