The Hoarders Next Door

George and Mavis Smith is an interesting older couple but are also the local hoarders.  Their house and yard are full of artefacts and they have a story about everything in their possession, how they come to it and why it’s important. Even though the neighbourhood are unsure of whether these stories are true or greatly embellished, they are well known and respected and provide the street with a contact source of amusement and gossip. The local children, in particular, adore them.

As a young man George Smith was a famous archaeologist, although now he spends much time in his garden tinkering with his artefacts and caring for his wife, who despite her claims to the contrary, is ailing and largely housebound.

Sarah Parker is a single mum who adores her three children Sean, a local footy hero and twins Chris and Temarah. Sarah is a learning assistant in the local school and she is kind and caring, she never wants to speak ill of anyone. Sean is a great support to his mum and is well known for being something of a golden boy and the street hunk.

Angus and Harmony Travers are the outwardly perfect family. However behind the façade Harmony is worried about their teenage daughter Roberta (Bobbi) who is starting to rebel, whilst their other daughter Emily can’t seem to stop getting into mischief.

Phil and Karen Clarke and their only daughter Toni are having an extensive renovation done to their house by Barb the Builder. The chaos of the build doesn’t bother them too much as they both work full time and feel stretched and time poor. Toni keeps herself busy spending time discussing saving the planet with best friend Sean or sharing stories with Mr and Mrs Smith with whom she has a close relationship.  

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