Dark Matter

What's really going on underneath the surface?

This is what inspired Artistic Director Anna Kerrigan’s script for ASPIRE production - Dark Matter.

Anna’s inspiration for Dark Matter began last year when she started listening to science podcasts and became obsessed with the concept of dark matter.

“From the idea of only knowing what five percent of our universe is made up of, I drew the parallel to school, in that we only know what’s going on with someone about five percent of the time and if you actually look deeper there is a lot more affecting anyone than you realise.

Dark Matter explores what’s really going on under the surface for the staff and students of St Albert’s Secondary College as they enter a lock down and nobody seems to really know why. It is a production that gives an honest representation of our school communities and the types of characters you might meet within them,” Anna said.

When putting this concept together and after much discussion with students, collecting their thoughts and perspectives, Anna put pen to paper in the hope of inventing something magical.

Anna Kerrigan’s clever and witty script had audience members empathising with the characters, as they became part of a school lockdown with no idea why.

Lock down theories ran from alien invasions, a parent arriving and not signing in at reception, zombies being defeated by the librarian, to the cleaners taking over the school – the audience did not know where to look or what to expect next.

Anna was inspired to write the script after listening to science podcasts and becoming obsessed with the concept of dark matter. The production drew comparisons between dark matter and our lives, sharing with the audience that we rarely get the full story - often we think one thing is happening and in fact something completely different is going on.

The show featured an original composition by Tim Hansen called ‘The Moment’ along with songs by Michael Jackson, Meg Mac and Gwen Stefani.

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