Audition and information forms are sent to each school at the start of Term 3 for students to register their interest in auditioning for one of more of the ensembles. Application forms are then required at the CSO by the last day of Term 3. 

Auditions are planned to be held in Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 4 with students informed of the outcome of their performance by the end of the school year, before the program begins the following year. All other costs are met by the CSO.


The Dance audition

The dance audition is entirely workshop-based. You will be taken through some skills-based exercises before learning some new choreography. You may have an opportunity to add your own choreography so it’s a good idea to have some ideas in your head about what you might do. 


The Drama audition

The drama auditions take the form of a drama workshop comprising of a series of drama exercises in movement, voice, character work and devising (creating short scenes).

Junior (Year 4 – 8) need to prepare a short 1 minute monologue (see below).  You can choose from either a starting line or a character to write your monologue.  

Starting Lines

My greatest fear is Spiders. It’s because of this time when I was 5…

Alright I ate your Kit Kat, but I can explain…

I don’t want to alarm you, but there may be a boogeyman or boogeymen in the house.

Hello, my names the Easter Bunny, and I’m a chocoholic

Mum, I’m thinking about dyeing my wings black. Being a “Rainbow” Lorikeet just isn’t me anymore.


A pencil about to sharpened

A kid waking up and deciding which personality to “put on” this morning

A hairdresser realising they have done a bad job and trying to salvage it

Receiving a bad haircut and trying to pretend you like it

A superhero that is losing their powers. 

Senior (Year 9 upwards) students audition will be in two parts:  Part 1: a half hour drama workshop during which you will be taken through a series of drama games and exercises that will look at movement, character, voice and Part 2: Each student must prepare a short one minute contemporary monologue to perform in front of the group.  Some suggested monologues can be seen here.   



The Instrumental audition

All instrumental auditions are 10 minutes. You are required to prepare a short piece that you feel shows off your ability. After performing your piece for the panel you will either be given some sight reading, asked to perform some scales or asked to improvise around some chords or with another instrument.


The Vocal audition

For your vocal audition you will be placed in a group of up to 20 students of similar age. The first part of the audition will comprise learning a new song as a group and some simple movement to go with it. This allows us to see how well you pick up new music, lyrics and movement and place them together, but it should also be fun! 

In the second half of the audition everyone will be required to sing the first verse and chorus of one of the 10 songs below. You will be required to sing with the backing track, a link is provided to each song so you can practice.   The 2021 song list and backing track are listed below:

Sia Together

Meghan Trainor Better when I’m dancin’

Consider Yourself from Oliver

Live out Loud from A little Princess

Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas

Count on me by Bruno Mars

Lola’s Theme by the Shapeshifters

You’re my best friend Queen

With a little help from my friends The Beatles

Let it Go from  Frozen