Happy Easter from ASPIRE!

Happy Easter from ASPIRE! 

It’s the day before Easter Friday in here at the Aspire office, and the Easter bunny has already been!  

We walked in to find chocolate eggs on our desks this morning, a very lovely surprise. We’ve just gotten back inside after participating in the Caritas fundraiser. We walked up and down the driveway together carrying buckets of water, passing on the buckets to other members of the CSO.  

Back in the office, preparation for the second last after school ANZAC rehearsal is in full swing. As the clock ticks closer to the service, our dedicated cast are doing an incredible job at bringing all the aspects of the event together, this is not something you’ll want to miss! 

Tuesday night was week nine of rehearsals for the big annual production, “Disconnected”. Oh, how time flies! 

Cross ensemble blends have begun, they’ve always been my favourite part of rehearsals. The singers have been working with the dancers to create what I can only describe as impeccable movement. It’s pretty crazy to see such the space come alive with so much movement so early on, so hats off to you vocal and dance! 

Drama is soaring off into learning lines and blocking scenes. I have been thoroughly enjoying my time watching the wonderful script being brought to life by such talented actors and actresses. 

Enjoy your Easter readers, I look forward to updating you next fortnight.  

Sincerely, Sophie.