Full Speed Ahead

Happy term two from myself and the ASPIRE team! I’m excited to be back and bringing you a fresh blog to kick off the fresh term. I can’t believe I’m already so far into my internship!

Its full speed ahead at ASPIRE as we enter the busiest term of the year. This year’s production of ‘Disconnected’ is in full swing, but that’s not all we’ve got planned for you! The young actor’s program is just starting up, along with junior theatre makers. DioSounds is nearing closer, as well as our WOW Gallery! Entries for the WOW Gallery are now open, so I encourage you to be inspired and get creative, the more submissions the better!

To start the new term, Anna and I have been very busy writing scripts for some of the lovely schools in our diocese! I have had an amazing time, enjoying every second of the script writing process. Who knew it was so much fun! I’ve written one script about Minecraft and another set in a science lab about a time machine! I cannot wait to see these performances come to life and continue to be apart of the creative process along the way.

‘Disconnected’ is really starting to come together, term two is always the most exciting time for the ASPIRE team. Cross ensemble work is really starting to come together now. This aspect of rehearsals is such an important time, it really gives the show its flow. Our design director Lara has been doing a pretty awesome job of finding props for our scenes, and seeing the costumes come to life definitely brings a sense of excitement into the air.

Next Thursday is the night we’ve all been waiting for, the night of the 2024 songwriter competition, ‘Dynamically Different’. We are all super excited for the night here at ASPIRE, so I would like to say a huge congratulations to our finalists! We cannot wait to celebrate your talent with you all!

That’s all the updates I’ve got for you this week readers, but make sure to check back in two weeks’ time. We have a lot more exciting things planned to come very soon!

From, Sophie