Why should students be a part of the vocal ensemble?

Being part of the Aspire vocal ensemble gives students an opportunity to improve vocal skills, learn how to care for their voice, learn how to use the voice correctly and safely, learn how to sing in an ensemble, learn how to sing in harmony, improve performance skills

If you're a vocalist that is looking for a new challenge, wants an exciting theatrical experience and loves working in a collaborative environment then the ASPIRE Vocal Ensemble is the place for you!

What are we looking for in auditions?

During auditions the team will be looking for students who can stay in tune, keep time, engage the audience, ‘tell the story’ and believe what they are singing. 

It's sometimes not just enough to have a great voice, for many scenes within ASPIRE movement/dancing is required. You don't have to be the best dancer, however the ability to move confidently and take instruction is helpful.

Every year the Vocal Ensemble performs different genres of music from pop, rock, musical theatre to easy listening. Having a flexible voice and attitude is essential.

We are looking for students who are prepared to push beyond their limits and are not afraid to try something new, students who are ready to work hard.

Skills developed in the production process

The Vocal Ensemble is a dedicated group of young singers who are striving for the best sound possible. Every rehearsal is different with a huge emphasis on having fun.

As part of the vocal ensemble you will learn to care for your voice, sing as part of a group, read sheet music and navigate musical scores.

Singing in a group is always a unique experience. There will be times specific dynamics are needed so we workshop what the students think is the best sound for the particular number.

We want our ASPIRE audiences buzzing when they leave the theatre and this comes from well-rounded and polished performances.