Why should students be apart of the design ensemble?

In the design ensemble, students get the opportunity to work behind the scenes and see how the Aspire show moves from an idea into a physical show. You will be able to work with other like-minded and creative students in a team to create and construct various props, set pieces and costume. Without the design ensemble, ASPIRE simply wouldn’t come to life on stage, or at least, it wouldn’t look as good.

What are we looking for in an applicant?

There is one thing that we look for in all applicants – enthusiasm - you have to be willing to commit yourself to the creative process in order to play your part in making the best show possible. A keen interest in visual arts, theatre or set design is also a must, you will be working with ASPIRE for 6 months and we can’t have you losing interest in that time. Finally, the design ensemble is a team so being able to work with others is essential (and a good taste in music helps).

Skills developed in the production process?

You will learn how to work as an ensemble and collaborate in the design process. Naturally, you will also learn various visual art skills such as painting and drawing along with the more fashion-related skills such as sewing, working with a dummy and spatial awareness and in creating the set you will learn skills revolving around construction and working with heavier materials such as wood and metal. Although it seems like you have a lot of time in preparation for the performance, everything seems to creep up so quickly, so you will also discover the importance of time management.

This process will also provide a substantial experience in set design and construction – providing critical knowledge in this competitive industry along with the opportunity to work in and see the behind the scenes of the civic theatre.

Most importantly – everyone has a fun and fulling time in which they get to form friendships and create something they are proud of.