Two Heads Are Better Than One


Well how about over 150… That’s how many people we have contributing to this years Aspire (too many to count exactly). So while I’m sure you can imagine the trouble at times when it comes to making decisions and correlating ideas, it’s also one of the many things that make working with Aspire so amazing; watching the ideas of all our cast and crew come together to make the final product.

However, while you are reading this blog, its only me you will be hearing from I’m afraid. So once again, hello my avid Aspire fans! I must apologise that it has been so long since we have caught up and I just know how much you have all missed me. But not to fear I have plenty of news for you all.

These past few weeks I have been travelling our diocese, meeting, and working with primary school alongside Anna. Last week a team of us travelled up to Manning, where, with a group of students from primary schools around the area we managed to and write, choreograph, design, and perform a play all within 2 days.

I was also fortunate enough to help judge to annual Theatre sports for this year to which I was thoroughly entertained with improvised performances for the day. We were required however as judges to give our scores using gigantic number boards. Which in theory sounds like a very easy task, to merely hold up a piece of cardboard, I unfortunately must admit I seemed to struggle with this at times; especially when the performances always had me searching for the higher score boards at the bottom of the pile.

In terms of our Aspire rehearsals everything is coming along great. There was however a bit of stress within the crew when someone brought it to our attention that there is only 12 weeks of rehearsals left until the performance! So, while we are busy rehearsing, make sure you are marking the dates on your calendars!