The Show Must Go On! (1)

The Show must go on!

Even though the show is over, things have still been moving pretty quickly for everyone at ASPIRE – no rest for the wicked (ha ha).

Anna and I have been working with Holy Cross Glendale over the last couple of terms to develop their acting and performance skills through the creation of seven original performances with which the students have input in. Although I was at first tasked with writing all the scripts, when it came down to the wire, Anna stepped in and helped finish a few of them.

Recently Anna and I were set to go to Glendale to rehearse the performances they had been practising themselves. Although after waking up late, I saw a text from Anna telling me her son was sick so it would be me on my own in Glendale. I was terrified at first, I had a cold shower to wake up and got breakfast in the car. However, as soon as I arrived I saw the progress of each class and realised my concerns were frivolous as all the performances only needed slight helpings from me. When I had been originally writing the scripts, I started with Kindergarten, which was an adaption of Peter Pan. I viewed it as my masterpiece – I wanted to make a good first impression – but upon arriving at the school I quickly realised I had made the script and the dialogue far too long. Hence my masterpiece was destroyed.

The performance finally came last Thursday, all of the performers looked great in their costumes as we did a full dress run before they performed that night for friends and family. I heard that it run smoothly and to a great reception.

Since, I have written one of the seven scripts for Saint Francis Xavier’s Primary school Belmont – all revolving around a Christmas theme. I got the year 6’s idea and wrote a little number about a Santa Surfing competition, involving a surfing champion underdog and the real Santa Clause.

 As part of the internship, I have been directing a Theatre Makers performance involving nine juniors in years 5 – 8 along with three year 9’s. The group is an absolute pleasure (I really do mean that) with every cast member having performed in this year’s ASPIRE performance. We have a script written now, centred around young video game addict’s attending a rehab, where the teachers don’t show up. The performance will be held 26 September  along with the other 2 junior theatre maker groups. If you get the chance to come along, it’s on a Thursday at 6.00 pm at the Civic Playhouse.


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