Well, Well Well, we meet again (bad puns aside)

I am excited to be back blogging for you all as production week approaches. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the time of bustling ensembles perfecting, polishing and of course practicing their elements of the production. Rather than the usual ensemble focused rehearsals however, all ensembles have been watching each other perform for the past three weeks, helping to piece the show together while everyone else watches on. The production itself will be performed on Newcastle’s civic stage from the 27th to the 30th of July, so if you haven’t done so yet, definitely purchase a ticket, and come along.

For these past few weeks, notes have been distributed from directors to ensembles as feedback is vital during this stage of any production. It’s great to see everyone taking on such critiques in trying to better their own performances and raise the show to its best potential. In saying this I must also acknowledge the fact that we are soon entering school holidays,

So, it would be great if students avoided sky diving, bungee jumping or any other potential injury inducing activities entering the end stages of rehearsals.  As I am a walking safety hazard due to my clumsiness, I definitely include myself in that statement.

Speaking of health, Sickness and production week seem to go hand in hand, so hopefully we can all get through these next couple weeks without contracting any virus of flu or of course everyone’s favourite Covid 19

On a less morbid note, the costumes this year are looking good! If you weren’t already aware this year’s show features many interesting mythical creatures who occupy the bottom of a wishing well. This means the costuming hair and makeup is going to be super over the top and amazing and wonderful and spectacular and superb and…. You get the point VERY THEATRICAL.

If you’ve never seen an ASPIRE show before, you will hopefully enjoy this element of fantasy, as each year something mythical makes its way into the performance no matter how realistic the overall story is. I guess this year deserves extra appreciation, as the story is based in an ethereal world.

As far as my own responsibilities go, I’ll be offering help to different ensembles whether that be through offering feedback, running lines, or offering any advice regarding the performance itself and what to expect for those who haven’t performed at civic before. I’ll also be posting lots of updates for you all on social media so definitely stayed tuned for that if you wish to see extra behind the scenes content

I’ll be signing off now, however hopefully the next time you hear from me will be in person after the show!

Until then,