Out and About

Hey everyone!

I feel like we need to address the elephant in the room. No, I didn’t succeed in my two week online shopping cleanse. I understand how worried everyone has been, and I would like to apologise. I have heavily reduced how much I am purchasing though, which I feel is a healthy step forward. I thank you all for your support in this troubling time.

The good news is that we’re back in the office! I won’t lie, I am going to miss the benefits of the home office. The sleep ins, constantly making coffee, being able to cook up a feast in my lunch breaks. I was thriving. To be fair, I am enjoying being back at the office. Seeing Anna for the first time in a Three Dimensional form rather than through a Zoom call did spin me out a little, but I soon got used to real life Anna again. The great news is that Anna and I are allowed to go and visit schools again, which has been a lot of fun. Going out and working with people face to face is something I feel I have taken for granted in the past.

Two weeks ago we held our first Aspire trivia night, where participants joined in through zoom to be tested on their Aspire history/knowledge through everyone’s favourite quiz platform - Kahoot! I won’t lie to you, I made a pretty difficult quiz. There was quite a lot of criticism for my favourite round “One line song challenge”, where I would give 1 line from a previous Aspire song and everyone would have to guess the song - sounds fun right? Apparently not. A lot of shade was thrown at the segment I was most proud of. Devastated is an understatement. The rest of the Quiz was a success though, with Drama Ensemble’s Angus O’Conner taking out the top prize. Congrats Angus!

In the past few weeks we have started rehearsals for our Junior and Senior Theatre Maker’s programs. Meeting online, we have been discussing story, script, and characters, so that hopefully next term we can rehearse together face to face with a lot of the devising work already done. The Junior group and I are working around the theme of “Carnival” with a story about breaking into a playground that has been shut down starting to emerge. I have been really impressed with the intelligence and creativity these young people approach devising with, it is going to be a fantastic performance. The Seniors are learning all about Verbatim Theatre, what it is and how to write it, with a focus on isolation. Verbatim is one of my personal favourite genres of performance, so working on this project with Anna and the students is a lot of fun.  

Last week, my job felt threatened. Anna had asked EX-Intern Ned back for a few days work cleaning out ASPIRE’s storage shed along with Assistant Production Ensemble Director Riley. Although my fears were put to rest when I saw Riley doing the majority of the work. It was a really fun three days however, going through old props and costumes, and also scaring Anna with non-existent fake mice. The shed looks transformed, to the point where I’m petitioning to have it renamed to “The Relaxation Grotto”.

That’s all for this week folks,