Junior Theatre Makers


Well, well, well. After a long and luxurious break of 2 weeks - I have made my triumphant return!

It’s been almost 4 weeks since we had the junior theatre makers performance of “Better isn’t Easy” and it went fantastically! The three plays performed smoothly to a sold out audience and all to a positive reception.

The weekend before opening night me and the two other directors, Jay Wood and Jen Roach had to construct and paint the set – which proved to be more demanding than I first anticipated. Even with the help of Jen’s daughter Georgina, it took a very long time to take off all the postie-notes that were stuck to the wooden backdrop for last year’s senior theatre maker’s performance “Affirmation cafe”.

Now you may read this and be thinking, but Ned, postie-notes are not very difficult to unstick and, my magnificent reader, that would be the case if they had been merely stuck with the adhesive they are provided with. But Alas, this was not the case. These notes had been practically dipped in the most potent of hot-glue-gun glue before they were slapped, in the hundreds, against that dastardly black backdrop. And at this point my marvellous bibliophile, you may be wondering, surely last years senior theatre maker’s director and cast would’ve taken off these almost-permanent sticky-notes. But sadly, this was not the case.

So the four of us slowly peeled away the paper on half of the panels, while the other half we left – as we thought it would add some texture to the nature backdrop. After a couple of extra trips to Bunnings for paint, along with several spillages on clothing, the set was done. Was it excellent? No. But was it mediocre? Yes. And did it do the job? Yes.

We had a tech and dress rehearsal during the day on Thursday before the performance that night, with Riley Walpole mapping out and executing the lighting. Although things were a little tedious as they often are with tech runs, all the cast managed to stay sane. Even after spending all day in the dressing room of the civic playhouse.

I must admit, even though all the cast were on the top of their game throughout the 7 week devising, writing and rehearsal process, I was still a little bit nervous going into the performance. This was mainly because of the short time frame we had to work with.

However, when it was time for the theatre Makers group to perform, I stood up the back of the theatre like a proud mother-goose. The moment the cast got in front of the audience everything clicked and it ran fantastically.

I really was honoured to be involved in the process and I hope all the actors got out as much from it as I did.

Until Next Time,