It's that time again!

Hey everyone,


We are in the full swing of online rehearsals and they have going going really well! I have to commend both students and staff for how willingly they have taken this new platform on board and embraced it. No, this isn’t the ideal way we want to be rehearsing. No, the online rehearsals don’t allow for full movement and the same atmosphere as an in person rehearsal. Yet everyone is persevering and are getting on with the job. Congratulations you guys, that is truly amazing and you should be super proud of yourselves.

Last week at the first online rehearsal, I won’t lie to you, I was stressed. All the staff met at the Catholic Schools Office and set up in different rooms. For approximately 55 minutes, I was running from room to room in the CSO, trying to help where I could. I did more flights of stairs than I think I have ever done in my entire life. After a few technical difficulties, we were up and running. It then fell to me to sit by Anna’s computer and distribute the late comers and people rejoining to their ensembles room. Was it the most exciting job for 3 hours? No. However I did have my own laptop set up and in the Drama Room, so watching that was quite entertaining. I did also join a few groups from Anna’s computer to see how everyone was doing. Albeit a few difficulties, I would label the night as a success!

Last nights rehearsal was a little different. Due to the current circumstances, even the staff were joining the rehearsal from their own homes. I was planning on switching throughout the night and seeing how everyone was doing, but due to a few technical difficulties I had to host the Drama Rehearsal and be with them all night. Not bagging out the Drama Ensemble! It was very entertaining, but I was missing my other ensembles.

Lastly, yesterday I sent out an email in regards to my newest project “Aspire’s PlayHOUSE”. The response from you guys has been incredible! Our numbers are already so large and I thank the people who have already put their name down for their help! There are still places to fill though guys, so if it is something that interests you, please shoot me an email!

 And that is it for this instalment of the ASPIRE Blog. I urge you guys to keep practicing! And also if you need to pass the time during Isolation,  try something related to your craft! I’m spending my spare time reading plays, learning monologues, writing music. It is a great way to pass the time and also train at the same time.

 Until next time,