It's Here!


We’re back again after the holidays, but there hasn’t been much rest for the aspire staff and crew with production week less than ONE WEEK AWAY! As usually happens at this time, the performance has made leaps and bounds, everyone is feeling more confident and I can’t wait for the world to see what all the young performers have worked so hard to create.

In the first week of the holidays, I had what I think was one of my most enjoyable weeks on the job, I got the chance to travel on the annual overnight trip to Sydney. This trip is an opportunity for 20 of the aspire students from all ensembles to spend a night and day in Sydney. We caught an early train down and I managed to arrive on time for the first time in a long time. We then went straight into workshops, with the musos and vocals going to the Australian Institute of Music with Luke and Jess while Anna and I went to dance central for a Belvoir workshop with the actors and the dancers.

We then linked up again and got a bus with our driver Alan, who acted as our guardian angel guiding us safely to our accommodation in Mosman. From there we were shown around the luxury-ish accommodation by Matteis before I had the important intern job of taking pizza orders from all the students. But perhaps the most exciting part of the evening was playing the card game “spoons”, where the end of each round results in all-in scramble to grab a number of spoons from the table. In total two full-games were played and the notable winners were Sarah Bernasconi and Lily Baines.

The play we saw that night was ‘Things I know to be true’ and although Anna read the performance time wrong and we arrived at 6:30 for a 6:30 performance, rather than 6:30 for a 7:00 performance we still managed to get in before they started. The show was extremely powerful, we all sat in the first three rows and Jacob started the well-deserving standing ovation at the end, which resulted in almost the whole theatre standing. It was so intense that there were many wet and red faces, I can only imagine what Alan thought had happened to us when we got back on the bus – I only feel regret that we didn’t invite him along.

The next day we went and watched ‘Muriel’s Wedding The Musical’ which was a spectacular and well-rehearsed performance with some unexpected emotional depth and then finally we were on the train home. It seems like everyone that came along had a really good time, it’s a shame I can’t go next year.

Last week we had a total of three full-day rehearsals, the first with just senior drama and the other two with the whole cast. They have been so important in creating the almost finished product which will be shown next week. It’s at this point that everything begins to move away from a school production and towards a professional show. There is less talking during runs (although a few rebellious students try their best), the scenes and numbers become tighter, and the whole cast turn away from students and into professional performers.


Until Next Time,