I Hope

Hey everyone! As I have sat down to write this blog I realised that we’re almost at the end of Term! I only have 1 term left as the Aspire Intern. Time sure does fly. I was told by my predecessor Mr Edmund Butler Keogh (Aspire Intern 2019) that term 4 was the busiest, most challenging, and the most enjoyable term. I think there is going to be even more on, due to the fact we now have pushed the show back to January. Although I am looking forward to my holidays, I am equally excited to get back and start working on all of our projects in Term 4.

My last blog was just before we started up rehearsals for our main show “The Pecking Order” once again on Zoom. Since then each ensemble has been Zooming every week and have been as productive as possible on that medium. I mainly have been sitting in on the Drama rehearsals, while Anna has been jumping onto all the Zoom’s at some point of each meeting. I have been so impressed by the energy each student brings to these Zoom meetings. I’ll b e the first to admit it, sitting in front of a computer for 3 hours and being expected to give 110% as if you’re on stage is a colossal challenge. You wouldn’t know it by the attitude of these students. Due to these meeting we are now at a point where, when we come back together face to face, we have certain things down pat and just need to be polished up in the space. Let’s hope that time is soon!

We have the Senior Theatre Maker production “I Hope: Thoughts on a Pandemic” on Thursday at the Civic Playhouse, which is very exciting! We weren’t 100% sure what the performance was going to look like, due to Covid restrictions and restrictions placed on school groups. But the good news is we can all come together, which is great! And in even better news, we can have an audience of 80 people, which is even more great! So if you’re free on Thursday, come down to the Civic Theatre (you should find ticket info on our facebook page and website).I am extremely proud of this production. We have all put so much work into it and it’s going to be something very special. If you can’t make it to the Civic, in an Aspire first we are going to be live-streaming the production as well. Again, information about this will be on our facebook page and website.

Last week we held a filming session at the Civic Playhouse for a few HSC drama pieces from around the Diocese. These filmed pieces of theatre, will then be given out as a resource for schools when approaching the HSC drama performances, giving an example of what a high mark piece looks like. Due to the fact that Ned (previous intern) came to work on an Onstage script with myself (current intern), and Lily (future intern) was performing her current HSC piece, we had 3 generations of intern all in the same room! I shared a few pearls of wisdom with Lily, some of which were passed down to me by her Grandintern Ned. It was a really fun day and we saw some exceptional performances.

That’s all for this week! Hopefully I’ll catch some of you at the Senior Theatre Maker performance!