Finally Face to Face


Hello, all my avid blog supporters

I have returned to update you all on ASPIRE, more specifically our first face to face rehearsal!

Yes, after the month-long delay ASPIRE is back to business, with all ensemble members coming together, some reuniting with old friends, others meeting new ones for the first time, all joined for a mutual reason, creativity. I was able to meet many new and old ASPIRE members as well and was overwhelmed by everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement over the coming weeks. As a former member of the drama ensemble, I had my own expectations of what this first rehearsal would entail, however after paying a visit to each ensemble I was surprised at how different each group made use of their time (at least while I was there). I watched as singers both practiced vocal warmups as well as participating in an elaborate movement exercise. I also was able to see the band in discussion mode, sitting together asking questions around what to expect this year, and later watched on as they rehearsed a song from this year’s show (I wish I could say what it was, but you’ll have to come watch the production if you want to find out). The dance ensemble was also in rehearsal mode when I paid them a visit, leading me to feel both impressed by their great coordination and synchronisation, and envious at the realisation that despite my continuous practice of “just dance” I will never achieve that same skill level. And then there was drama my “home base” throughout the evening where I spent much time assisting our assistant drama director who was filling in for our usual drama director. Apologies for my continuous use of the word’s “assist” and “director”. Drama participated in many devising and improvisational focused tasks, with a purpose of creating ideas on scenes which may be added to the show later on. Senior drama also had the opportunity to read and perform a sample of this year’s script, all to help prepare them for a character audition which should be occurring in the coming weeks. Other than introducing myself to each ensemble and assisting drama, my other priority for the evening was to act as a photographer or as I like to call myself “The official ASPIRE paparazzi” which if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you’ll be able to find some of the action shots I captured throughout rehearsal.

My paparazzi duties also extended beyond first rehearsal, as the following day, I spent time at the civic playhouse helping with the junior theatre makers performance and taking photos for ASPIRE. This overall was a fun day, where three groups of students each performed original 10 minute plays, whilst parents and loved ones watched on from the audience. It was great getting to see so many kids having the opportunity to perform on a proper stage, which for many, was the first time they got to do so. I also acted as a prop collector for each play, asking what each group director needed, then travelling to market town to purchase such items. I soon realised there is a high demand for fake plants.

 After Junior Theatre Makers concluded my final duty for the week was to attend our Thursday combined schools’ Anzac rehearsal, where we have been working on the drama element of the ceremony. It has been great seeing this performance come to life as well as the positive attitude and collaboration of everyone involved. I’m looking forward to seeing all elements of the ceremony come together.

 This week rehearsals for both ASPIRE and the Anzac ceremony continue, and I already have lots of ideas on how to make myself useful in both and am excited to continue my duties as the ASPIRE intern.

Until next time