Exciting Times at HQ (1)

Hey everyone,

It’s blog time again! We have been extremely busy here at the Aspire Headquarters the last couple of weeks. With rehearsals starting up again this term, our Theatre Maker programs ramping up and getting more stressful, as well as school visits! But more importantly than all of that, I have some big news. After Anna and I did a cleaning day of the office, we went down to storage and brought up a lounge! Anna was a negative energy on the move, claiming it wasn’t going to fit through the doorway, yet my blind optimism prevailed. Now we have a lounge for visitors (or when Ollie is writing scripts and needs optimum comfort). I really have peaked as Intern.

Rehearsals are almost here! Although due to the current circumstances, they will be online for the remainder of this term. Personally, I am just excited to get back working on the show, regardless of what platform it’s on. I hope everyone has been practicing hard while we have been on hiatus, and that we have a smashing first week back.

The Senior and Junior Theatre Maker programs, as I said before, are getting full on. Just today I finished the Junior script and I’m pretty proud of it! It’s been such a fun process, which would have been impossible without the ensemble of students in the junior program. Their input has been indispensable to writing of the script, and the passion they bring to each rehearsal has meant we have been able to get far in a short space of time. Now all that’s left is to practice, practice, practice! The Senior’s script is almost finished, just putting on the last few touches. Due to the fact it’s a Verbatim play that we’re writing, it means a LOT of interviewing. I commend the Seniors who go away each week and continue to research and interview, their dedication has resulted in a play that is something quite special. I’m desperately hoping we can perform these shows before an audience!

We’re back in schools! Although Anna has been jetting around to a range of different schools, so far, I have only visited St Joseph’s at Aberdeen. I have a few more on my schedule, however. We have been in Aberdeen a few times the last few months, working with a range of years. Working with Year 12 students is really interesting to me, as I was in their position last year. I hope I have a unique insight into how their feeling, especially this close to the HSC.

That’s all for this instalment of the blog! Next time I write a blog we will have started up rehearsals again, so get excited for the next action packed segment of the Aspire Blog!