Blog Under Siege

Blog under siege!

It all started on a misty Thursday morning- well actually I started writing this blog on a sunny Tuesday but that’s beside the point. As a sauntered into the office ready to write this week’s blog I was greeted by the sight of my desk being taken under siege by a pile of- well, typical office stuff I suppose (notes folders and the like…).

“What ho!” I cried to Anne Atkins in dismay!

However not to fret, from the pile of notes emerged my computer, and the blog was saved! Or something like that… eyeroll…applause? (I think someone should explain to the Aspire intern what a blog is…)

Anyway, can you believe we have already finished a full term of rehearsals?!! AND I got to see the band play for the first time on Tuesday! So, its been an exciting week all round here at Aspire.

We’ve also been busy helping to organise and perform a piece for ANZAC Day which was meant to be performed last year but had to be postponed to this year (I’m sure you can all guess the reason why.) A few weeks ago, though we filmed some parts of the performance with a professional film crew and equipment. While it took us a little while to get our heads around how it all worked, it was amazing to watch and even though some scenes took a few takes to get, we were told that our Aspire crew were better than some of the actors they film for commercials!

But back to Aspire rehearsals; with all our songs, choreography, scripts to learn and costumes to make everyone was busy knuckling down as I wandered around each ensemble on Tuesday. While I’m sure everyone is looking forward to this well-deserved break over Easter, I can’t wait to see everyone back as we get into the full swing of things, with scripts going down and a show beginning to form! But until then enjoy the break everyone and see you all-in two-weeks’ time!