Back into the Dark

Back into the Dark

Well its’s my first day back in the office since the news that rehearsals will be cancelled until the start of term 2. The most important thing for students to do at this time to practice diligently at home until further updates are given. However this blog post isn’t going to be doom and gloom, because there is a bit too much of that lately. So let me get you up to date on what’s been going on in my ASPIRE life in the past few weeks.

Rehearsals have been going strong. We welcomed the singers back after their fantastic showcase of their talents at the Project Compassion launch, and it was great to have them back. It was interesting watching the solo auditions, it was my first time seeing the audition process for singers compared to actors. You truly know you’re a terrible singer when you’re getting jealous of 11 year olds who are better than you. That is the position I was in. Musos and Dance had been doing their usual, extremely difficult rehearsals that also made me ridiculously jealous. In fact, let’s just clear this up, I’m jealous of all these kids talents. Junior Drama also had auditions, in which I saw some unique and distinct characters.

Two weeks ago, I headed out to St Clare’s Taree for the annual Manning project. The Manning project is basically where the primary schools from the Manning region send their gifted creative arts students to a 2 day program run by a team from ASPIRE. Their goal is to create a piece of theatre with specific groups of Drama, Vocal, Visual Art, and Music. This was my first “school visit” so I was mildly nervous. My stress levels didn’t decrease when I received word from Anna letting me know she was going to be late and I had to run the Drama group for the first hour. However, my stress was unnecessary. They were a great group of kids, and I had a very enlightening 2 days, with the end product being really impressive for a group that for the majority of whom, this was their first time performing publically. Also, it was my first time in a hotel room by myself, I thought that was quite exciting.

The Create Choreographic Project ran over the course of last week, Junior group Monday and Tuesday and Seniors Wednesday-Friday. I only managed to see the Junior performance live, but both were videoed, and I was thoroughly impressed. Feedback from everyone involved and in the audience was extremely impressive. To create a dance work in the short amount of time to that quality is incredible. Everyone involved should be very proud, and a big thank you to Catapult Dance who facilitated the program.

Ollie’s ensemble of the fortnight this time goes to the Musos. Watching each week and progressively seeing these guys getting better and learning how to play as a group has been great! You guys are really starting to sound incredible and your hard work is paying off. Keep it up!

Well that’s all for this instalment of the blog, I’ll be back soon with more ASPIRE news. In the meantime keep practicing, and stay safe.