A Recap on Term One

Wow, hey guys sorry for my recent pause on blogging, it really has been busy here at Aspire. Luckily, I have been writing little update for you all during this month-long blog-delay which I have listed in the sections below.  

Hey guys! Welcome back to my third blog of the year where I we be sharing some more insider information on what goes on behind the scenes at Aspire. Another two weeks have past and intern life is beginning to get busier, with more Aspire projects coming to fruition. For these past two weeks the Aspire cast and team, experienced a change of scenery from the usual, St Pius rehearsal space and instead found refuge at St Clemente. Here all ensemble groups continued practicing their designated duties, while some members had to watch on from home, due to the tumultuous weather. At Clemente the audition process also began, amongst the senior drama ensemble, with everyone exploring different characters and movements…… I wonder who will be playing who…. As far as office life goes, aspires director of music Jessica Lopez, had the unpleasant experience of asking me for assistance in retrieving band equipment from the CSO storage shed. Of course I was a willing helper, and honestly was flattered  at her request for help (since I’m usually the one who needs all the help they can get) So the two off us marched into the shed and within 20 seconds of our arrival I managed to get us both locked inside (The magnetic doors where very deceiving Eventually Anna Kerrigan came to the rescue, and we continued the mission, hopefully I can last another two weeks without making the same mistake…

Another interesting Aspire experience that luckily didn’t involve my inattention to detail, was the San Clemente script brainstorming days. Here Anna and I spent time in the San Clemente drama room, alongside the school music and drama teachers as well as several creative and willing students from grades 7-10. The purpose of this was to help the school create an original musical inspired by “a world without music”. It was great seeing all the kids offer their own interpretation of the theme and work together in positive and creative environment. The following day the ideas were considered and several “writing groups” were formed. Here students had the opportunity to translate everything they had brainstormed on the previous day into the script, and there definitely was a lot of ideas.

I also had the responsibility of writing a script, however this was not for the San Clemente performance, rather Aspire itself. Anna placed her trust in me to write a small scene introducing the characters from the junior drama ensemble. Of course, I cannot reveal the scenes content, however I can disclose that it’s masterpiece.

Speaking of blogs, I have decided to extend my intern/ Aspire updates beyond my monthly “blog post” and have begun creating behind the scenes videos for the Aspire Instagram. Hopefully this will engage aspires younger audience, showing what it’s really like being an Aspire member, and influencing them to later audition or watch the show. Of course, I will still be creating blogs in the meantime, hopefully my posting of them will be on a more regular basis (sorry)

As far as the Combined school’s Anzac performance goes, I can officially say the ceremony was performed and was a success! I’m extremely happy for all students involved, due to the months of preparation, work, and research they placed into putting on the production, it defiantly paid off. My responsibility for this day was to assist on the mic deck, helping to call out whose microphones needed to be switched on and off during the show. I found this to be a surprisingly difficult task however after reviewing and labelling the script to a borderline obsessive level I eventually got the hang of it.  

To finish off term 1 of Aspire myself Anna and the assistant drama director Jay Woods travelled to St Pius to judge the annual theatre sports competition, where many of Newcastle and Maitland’s catholic schools’ drama students ranging from years 9-11 participated. As a former competitor in the competition, I could relate to the nerves and anticipation many students felt on the day, as improvisation is definitely one of the more daunting elements of drama.  Everyone participated and committed fully to their performances though and supported each other from the audience.  As always, the theatre sports day was a lot of fun for everyone involved and was a great way to end the term.

So far, I have really enjoyed my role as Aspire Intern and am looking forward to all the new experiences it will bring me, so on that note….

Bring on term 2!