Wow, another week another blog. However, some may argue that this is a special addition blog, as it’s the first one of term 2. Exciting things have been underway here at ASPIRE, just last week we celebrated 10 years of the program, by releasing the ASPIRE 10-year commemoration book. This is a photo album containing some of the standout moments from these past 10 years as well as information regarding all the shows. The launch was held outside of the civic theatre and faces new and old came together to celebrate, listen to live music played by the ASPIRE alumni band and of course participate in Anna’s classic pre-show warm up. Throughout the afternoon I was again on paparazzi duty taking “candid action shots” of all the guests as well as some pictures on the ASPIRE red carpet. Upon my arrival I did feel slightly self-conscious in regards of my outfit choice for the evening, as straight after I had a close friends 19th birthday party. However, if anyone did have an opinion on my overdressed attire, then they can assume that I am an avid ASPIRE fan and so must treat any ASPIRE event as if it’s THE red carpet.

ASPIRE also recently held the annual song writer’s competition at St Pius. Students were challenged to compose original songs based on the theme dedicated to their age groups, with all themes relating to this year’s production “The Cost of Wishes”. I was able to attend both the song writing workshop held at the playhouse as well as watch the final performance on Thursday night. This was an interesting experience and I’m not going to lie I did try and make up my own song whilst listening to everyone’s creation… let’s just say mine would not have won. A massive congratulations to everyone involved especially those who did win the event - it was well deserved.

Thursday was also an interesting day, as I filled in as a drama teacher for junior theatre makers. However, Jay the usual teacher of this class did send through a lesson plan, so thankfully I was able to continue the drama lesson without any actual dramas. Many of the students were fans of ASPIRE also and expressed interest in auditioning for the 2023 show. The program overall is a great way for students interested in drama to learn the fundamental skills of improv, teamwork, scene devising and character-building all of which are important to the ASPIRE drama ensemble.

Speaking of ensembles, rehearsals are back up and running. Now that casting has been finalised, and the script has been distributed out, everyone is working hard to bring ASPIRE 2022 to life. The element of collaboration this year between each ensemble is particularly impressive as singers have been learning dance routines, dancers have been practicing their acting and junior and senior drama have been involved in songs as well. It’s exciting to think we’re just one term away from the final production!

This means more rehearsing, hard work and of course fun.

Let’s bring on the next few weeks!

Your sincerely

The most consistently inconsistent blogger