Why should students be a part of the stage band ensemble?

The Stage Band Ensemble provides students with the opportunity to work with other musicians, refining their performance skills and develop sophisticated ensemble technique in a welcoming and supportive environment. All students with a keen interest in developing their playing skills and want to work with other musicians should apply.

What are we looking for during auditions?

Students with a high level of technique or beginner students who have been identified as having a high level of musicality with potential. Beginner students must have at least a satisfactory level of technique and able to or a willingness to read music notation. No ensemble experience is required.

Skills developed during the production process

Skills that students will develop include how to:

- Practice difficult music, melodies, rhythms, dynamics and articulation

- The importance of good ensemble technique, listening and quality of sound

- Be organised and prepared for rehearsals and performances

- Meet deadlines and being committed

- Perform in an orchestra pit and performance practice

- Troubleshoot and solve problems during performances and rehearsals

- To work with and support other performers