This year's song competition takes its themes form the 2020 ASPIRE production: The Pecking Order. There are two starting points we invite young composers and songwriters to think about:


Taking actual birdsong as your inspiration see where your songwriting takes you. Many of the characters in 2020’s production are birds; how can you use their method of communication as inspiration? This is also an opportunity to create an instrumental track and potentially use technology in the creation of your original work.


Definition: A hierarchy of status seen among members of a group of people or animals

One of the overarching themes of ASPIRE 2020 is that of leadership and position within both the human and bird worlds that will be depicted. Where do you see examples of pecking orders in your life?

As with last year’s competition after entries close, shortlisted finalists will have the opportunity to workshop their song with professional musicians. The winner will be decided at a live concert where a panel will judge the songs. This year there will be both a primary and secondary winner, both of whom will receive a $300 Muso’s Corner Voucher and have their song professionally recorded at Tommirock Studios. The songs will then be used in the promotion of the 2020 ASPIRE production! To watch last year’s winner click here.


Video or record yourself singing and/or playing your composition, even if this is a work in progress, and save it as an mp3 file. Attach a copy of your lyrics and music e.g. the chords you play with your song. However, writing out your song isn’t compulsory. We really want to hear your song! You will be able to enter and upload your files to the ASPIRE website from Week 8, Term 4 2019 and entries close on Friday 21st February 2020


Week 8, Term 4 2019 - Entries can be uploaded to the ASPIRE website

Week 4, Term 1 2020 - Entries close:   Friday 21 February 2020

Week  5, Term 1 2020 - Shortlisting of entries:  Friday 28 February 2020

Week 7, Term 1 2020 - Workshopping of shortlisted songs:  Monday 16 March 2020

Week 9, Term 1 2020 - Songwriters Showcase Performance where the winners will be announced (Wednesday 1 April 2020)


For further information please contact Anne Atkins (02) 4979-1331 or anne.atkins@mn.catholic.edu.au

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