Design Ensemble Director

From a young age, Gillian has always been a designer and maker of objects. After igniting a spark in the creative arts as a costume designer in the US at a summer camp many, many years ago, she went on to establish her own successful clothing label and worked for a Sydney based clothing company.

As an educator for over twenty years in schools in Australia and the UK, Gillian has been leading and directing students to design, produce and make their own ideas come to life. Gillian has a wide range of practical knowledge, working with students to create projects using a wide range of materials including wood, plastics, electronics and textiles.

Gillian joined the ASPIRE team in 2018 in the role of Design Assistant Ensemble Director. Her wide range of practical skills and excellent capabilities helped to drive ASPIRE’s young team of designers to create the sets and costumes for Dark Matter.

In 2019, Gillian joins the team as Design Ensemble Director.

The highlight of ASPIRE for Gillian, is the opportunity to work with the amazing young designers from Catholic Schools and the privilege of being part of a talented and professional team.

Gillian is also currently a teacher at San Clemente High School.